I keep bees and wanted a salve for bee stings.  In my seach for recipes I came across a few but with experimentation and blending I settled on my own recipe which is a blend with a mixture of oils and plant extracts. 

I have blended my own grown organic Plantain & Comfrey plants infused in sunflower oil, plus beeswax and vitamin E with a hint of lavender and tea tree essentail oils.


The plantain is known to help in extracting toxins from the skin while the comfrey helps to repair damaged tissues. 

In combination these two not only provde relief from stings but have been known to help with cuts, abrasions, insect bites, sunburn  etc. 

Sold as 35g of salve in aluminim reusable zero waste can.  Use as often as necessary. Scrape a small amount using the back of your nail. Not for consumption. 

Comfrey & Plantain for cuts and stings