What is Psychosynthesis Counselling?


Psychosynthesis is a therapeutic approach developed in the early 20th century by the Italian psychiatrist Robert Assagioli.   Stemming from psychoanalysis it has an acceptance of the  triadic nature of our  being (of mind, soul and spirit) and then a synthesising of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects and elements of these  to heal ourselves to wholeness for a joyful existence. 

As an holistic approach to psychology it focuses on human growth and human experiences with spiritual dimensions.   Assagioli’s theory is that as humans we have a Self that is more than the sum of our social roles or experiences coupled with a Consciousness and a Will effecting choices with a capacity for spiritual experiences.

Bridging psychological and religious concepts and  including the psychospiritual, manifests a liberating discipline.  we face our sadness, challenges and shadow sides as well as our  joy whilst working within the present moment.  

As an experienced counsellor I am trained in the use of several therapeutic modalities which serve to heal on many levels including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to our being.  Increasingly more and more of us are seeking the services of a counsellor in order to seek the answers to the questions that manifest as patterns present in our lives.  Many of us may seek spiritual guidance for direction to our lives.  However very often we are so involved in our own issues of daily living that we truly cannot 'see the wood for the trees'.  In these circumstances it is the task of the psychosynthesis counsellor to assist their clients to expand their perspectives and in doing so to discover ways forward that feels appropriate to them.


What happens in a counselling session?


  • A safe and sacred space is provided for both the client and counsellor to work together

  • Issues and blockages that inhibit progress to a happy life are identified and explored

  • Interventions may be employed to clear these issues and blockages

  • Future pacing to prevent these blockages from re-occurring

Holistic Approach to Healing with Psychosynthesis Counselling by Oscar Phoenix | Navan, Meath, Louth, Ireland