The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme


Do you find that will power or dieting are not resulting in you managing your weight? 


Have you considered having the Gastric Band fitted but are afraid of the surgery?


Well you have nothing to fear because Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is 100% safe! 

The outcome of the hypnosis is positive through which you can manage your weight by altering your perception

of the size of your stomach.

Although gastric bands are highly successful in many cases, around 80% of patients will experience unpleasant side effects such as nausea and regurgitation of food. In addition to this, those who do not adjust well to the band may have to have it removed which again means more discomfort.


Gastric band hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to convince individuals that they have had a gastric band fitted but without the fears, risks, cost and side effects of going through the actual surgical procedure.  The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy programme is the most cost effective and successful alternative to undergoing Bariatric Surgery.


One of the key benefits of the hypnotherapy is that it also helps address any

emotional and psychological issues associated with the over eating in the first

place, helping to eliminate these can help maintain a healthy weight even years

after their initial hypnotherapy treatment.



What does treatment involve?


The VGB Programme consists of 4 sessions.  The initial consultation lasts 90 minutes thereafter hourly

spread apart weekly or when time permits. consultation will involve a discussion regarding your eating

habits,  your BMI, what weight loss methods have already been tried, mental health and attitude towards

food. This part of the session ensures treatment is personally tailored to best suit your needs.


The follow up sessions are review and monitor progress with additional hypnosis. 


The Operation


The procedure mimics that of the real surgical procedure, often implementing the use of sound and smell to make the experience more authentic.  To begin you will be taken into a deeply relaxed state which will see your pulse rate drop to a rate not far from the level it falls to whilst you are asleep. In this state of deep relaxation your subconscious can then be accessed and you will be far more susceptible to positive suggestion.


You will then be taken through the operation step by step and throughout the procedure though you will be deeply relaxed you will still remain aware of what's going on around you.  The hypnotherapist will take you through the entire procedure from the anaesthetic, to the first incision, to the closing off the gastric band to having the final stitch put in.

Soon after the procedure is complete, clients will feel the size of their stomach is reduced and the feel the sensation of fullness after just a few mouthfuls resulting in them feeling hungry less often and eat less when they do eat.




Clients will achieve a steady on-going weight-loss and are asked to return to be monitored for the weight loss and an adjustment may be made if required to the gastric band (this is also a requirement of actual surgery) to either speed or slow down the weight-loss.


Additional follow up sessions may also involve the use of MR or EFT or Regression as this will help individuals to identify and understand their actions and take responsibility for them, a technique which will help a great deal in preventing the same problem from reoccurring in the future.


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